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Cereal farmer, Tilleul-Dame-Agnès
Laurent Haye
Interested by Pulses, chocolate & confectionery & appetiser in Haute-Normandie? Theses products are sold by Gumi in Assemblies.
Pois chiches Kraft 5kg
Lentilles corail sachet KRAFT 500g
Pois cassés verts KRAFT 5KG
Pois cassés jaunes KRAFT 5KG

Chocolate & Confectionery

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Tablette de chocolat
tablette Chocolat XXL 700g
Tartinade de Maé le pois cassé

Cereals / Flour / Seeds

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Farine de lentille
Farine de lentille
Lin brun sachet kraft 500g
Farine de pois chiche sachet kraft 350g
Savon Camille la lentille

Hampers and Baskets

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VRAC Boite VIDE pour 1KG