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Ophalen van de producten donderdag 21 juni

Tussen 18:00 en 19:30
nemen deel
21 miles
de gemiddelde

Small Food Bakery

Nottingham, op 0 mile van de Buurderij

Pumpkin seed, rosemary and semolina sourdough
Brown Sauce
Sourdough Croissant

The Fresh Fish Shop

Haywards Heath, op 142 miles van de Buurderij

Salmon, Kiln roast & honey glazed
Smoked Mackerel Pate (home made)
Manx Kippers

Belvoir Ridge Creamery

Eastwell, op 15 miles van de Buurderij

Raw Whole Milk
Pasteurised Whole Milk

Ophalen van de producten

Donderdag, 18:00-19:30
Primary Studios
33 Seely Road
NG7 1NU Nottingham
Bex & Shona
Verantwoordelijke van deze Buurderij

Welcome to Nottingham Food Assembly, putting 'super' back into supermarket.

We offer local, sustainable produce with all the convenience of online click & collect shopping, combined with the opportunity to meet the producers & shake the hand that feeds you.

Order online through the website then come along to pick up your fresh produce at our weekly collection on Thursdays, 6-7:30pm at Primary Studios, Seely Road near Canning Circus. Alternatively you can have your produce delivered to NG2 & NG3.

All sales are in advance through this website which minimises wastage as all the food producers know in advance exactly how much to prepare.

We also have delicious meals available to buy and eat on the night prepared by Small Food Bakery using local produce.

~3 Reasons to shop this way, other than the taste:
1. Fresh Food baked, bottled, harvested or roasted on the day you collect it and without additional preservatives or additives.
2. Support Local Businesses as over 90p of every £1 you spend stays in the local economy and the farmer receives over 83% of the takings (yet only 20-40% from the supermarket).
3. Tip-top quality since all producers are carefully vetted. Our famers know first-hand that the care they give their land and animals results in the quality of produce you on your dinner table. Our food-makers source ingredients and packaging ethically, organically and locally as far as humanly possible.

~How do I shop?~
• Each week use your computer, tablet or iPhone app to order and pay securely online.
• The online shop is open from Friday midnight on Tuesday
• Wednesdays and Thursdays your orders are being harvested, baked, bottled and roasted.
• Thursday evenings, 6-7:30pm, come and collect your delicious food.
• Bring your Order Number as your proof of purchase.
• Bring reusable bags.
• Walk around the farmers’ stalls picking-up your local produce and asking any questions you may have.
• Enjoy the weekly cooking demos in the kitchen and short films.
• Thursday Collections are open to all. Come and meet us before you shop if you like.

~Where is the Collection?~
• Primary Studios, Seely Road, NG7 1NU, on the corner of Ilkeston Road, near Canning Circus.
• We strongly encourage you to walk, cycle, or use public transport to the collection
• Car parking is limited on Seely Road, and residents only until after 6pm. You can also park in the bus lane on Ilkeston Road.
• The front door has several steps; the accessible entrance is on Seely Road further along the brick wall and in the direction going away from Ilkeston Road; there are no accessible toilets on site.

On this website you can buy:
• fresh vegetables grown with minimal or no artificial pesticides or fertilisers
• milk (pasteurised and raw) and cheese
• fresh bread
• eggs from freely-ranging chickens
• meat such as lamb, goat and organic beef, pork and chicken
• superb sustainably and wild caught fish selection boxes
• fresh ready-to-eat convenience meals
• raw honey
• freshly roasted coffee
• tasty vegetarian and non-veggie home cooking
• vegan baking and savoury meals
• coldpressed rapeseed oil
• ethically-sourced handmade chocolates
• patiserie

The Nottingham Food Assembly - combining the ease of online shopping while accessing delicious local produce and keeping small-scale farmers in business. A true super-market!

We look forward to meeting you on Thursday evenings.
Wishing you happy local food shopping,
Bex & Shona

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• Winner of the 2016 Environmental Business of the Year Award courtesy of the Nottingham Post and The Wildlife Trusts.

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  • Je koopt wat je wilt, wanneer je wilt, zonder verdere verplichtingen.
  • Je betaalt een juiste prijs aan de producenten, die zo duurzaam kunnen leven van hun activiteit.

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