Join us

The Food Assembly team developing our platform and coordinating the network now comprises over 80 people in various cities including London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona and Turin.

The Food Assembly combines cultures of social entrepreneurship and digital innovation to offer a single model for start-ups with a high social impact. Each of the 700 Assemblies can promote projects independently while taking a collective approach. All these local initiatives sketch out the shape of a new economy that is fairer and more collaborative.

We are working alongside them, and with that same energy, to nurture our network as it grows and progresses.

Working at The Food Assembly is a rewarding experience, you get to be a part of a great community of workers all creating and building on an equal vision.

What you will find at The Food Assembly:

  • A project that reconnects people with their food
  • A vision that focuses on valuing local producer and supporting the development of a connected economy
  • An innovative concept of collaborative consumption
  • The passion and dynamism of a growing team supported by the enthusiasm of our network

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